Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have already sent in my money, where are my targets?
A: The first batch of targets gets mailed out on the date that the match starts. The calendar shows these dates for the entire year.

Q: If I send entry money in after the ENTRY POSTMARK DEADLINE will I still get targets?
A: NO, not for the current match. Entries that come in with a postmark after "ENTRY POSTMARK DEADLINE" date will not be sent targets. I can roll the fees over into the next match if the entrant desires. The calendar shows these dates for the entire year.

Q: If I hit the thin ring around the small Smiley do I get 40 points?
A: NO. The thin ring around the small, centered smiley is for an aiming aid only. You have to hit the smiley itself to get the 40-50points.

Q: Can I get targets for a buddy to shoot?
A: YES. But please provide the other person's address so I can send their targets to them personally.

Q: What if I don't have a registered forum ID?
A: Include a handle and/or name that you want me to use to post your results. If no handle/name info is provided, I use your First name, Last initial. (i.e. John D.)

Q: Can I enter early for the next match, or enter for all 4 of the year's matches at once?
A: YES - I now offer a yearly subscription so you can pay for the full year's targets during the Spring match entry time, then I will automatically send the correct number of targets for the subsequent SUmmer, Fall and Winter matches.

A: At any point after you unfold the target, you can fire ONE additional shot for extra points AT A TARGET THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY HIT. If you miss, you will lose the points that you got with the first hit. DO NOT FIRE A CONFIDENCE SHOT AT A TARGET THAT YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY HIT.